CompComplete, LLC

Managed Care Services

CompComplete, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. providing bill review and nurse case management services. The collaboration of service-driven managed care and aggressive claims administration creates a synergy of unbeatable results.

CompComplete’s state of the art bill review system, supported by CompIQ Corp., automatically adjudicates medical bills against state fee schedules and/or usual and customary values. Our team of bill review experts and superior technology produce turn-around times and savings results that exceed national standards. To help you realize further savings, CompComplete offers only the best in PPO Networks and will work to ensure channeling of injured workers to contracted physicians.

CompComplete’s nurse case manager works together with medical providers, employers, employees and the claims adjuster to facilitate appropriate medical care, identify obstacles to recovery, and ultimately focus on returning an individual to work. Nurse case management services focal point is on achieving maximum medical improvement and minimizing permanent disability. If the prognosis or treatment plan is not appropriate, we get care back on tract by collecting pertinent information from the physician, and if necessary, challenging treatment plans. Our nurses are knowledgeable in Georgia Workers’ Compensation laws and are able to help proactively manage claimant medical care and return to work within statutory constraints.

CompComplete is committed to setting itself apart from our competitors. With CompComplete there are no hidden fees or unrealistic promises. We will save you money and give you the level of customer service that you deserve!