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We had a lot of "old dog" cases that should have been closed or settled years ago but just drug on until they became very difficult and costly. Georgia Administrative Services tackled them systematically, and the vast majority are now closed. We've also seen our rate of claims closed within one year rise dramatically.
Georgia Administrative Services, Inc.
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Amy Schieffelin Chief Operating Officer 678-325-2698
Carla Edwards Vice President 678-325-2161
Kelly Westbrooks Executive Assistant 678-325-2159



Claims Department

Becky Jackson Claims Supervisor 678-325-2663
Sandy Brooks Lost Time Adjuster 678-325-2668
Jimmy Doolittle Lost Time Adjuster 678-325-2696
Dawn King Lost Time Adjuster 678-325-2669
Theresa Hobbs Lost Time Adjuster 678-325-2664
Linda Congdon Lost Time Adjuster 678-325-2665
Dana Ramsay Lost Time Adjuster 678-325-2160
Regina Rogers Lost Time Adjuster 678-325-2617
Margie Mauldin Medical Only Adjuster 678-325-2202
Paige Frydrych Medical Only Adjuster 678-325-2162
Kristin Kuntz Claims Assistant 678-325-2693




Amanda Smith             Underwriter                678-325-2374
Kayla Carter Underwriter 678-325-2697



​Matthew Kinnard        Marketing Manager                                 678-377-5717


Safety/Loss Control

Tim Schieffelin Safety Manager                678-325-2707
Denny Pickett Safety Consultant 678-325-2157



Premium Accounting

Colleen Olmstead Accountant                 678-325-2658



CompComplete, LLC.

Karen Sprouse Nurse Case Manager 678-325-2666
Paula Debrosse Nurse Case Manager 678-325-2203
Kathy Cartwright Bill Review Manager 678-325-2184


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